LogNow is a car logbook for small business owners.



LogNow was created as a simple solution to a business problem: the requirement to keep logbooks for travel with a business car. It fulfils the following requirements:

  1. Record date/time, distance, as well as start/end location of a journey, and leave notes
  2. Show total distance, total trips and business % of trips
  3. Option to edit/rectify incorrectly recorded journeys, and
  4. Export records as Excel/CSV file shared via email, WhatsApp, SMS, etc.



Our team worked closely with UX/UI designers to map out the user journey and create a simple and intuitive interface to allow busy business-owners to easily manage their logbooks. As a result of the careful planning, LogNow was built in record time with the Ionic React framework.


LogNow has been tested in real-life use cases and the resulting logbooks have been used in ATO filings. LogNow is not publicly available, yet, but will be available in the App/Google Play stores soon.