BrideBliss is a wed-tech marketplace that connects wedding vendors and couples.



BrideBliss is a wed-tech marketplace and platform that makes the wedding planning process – from research, to discovery to booking – easier.

BrideBliss uses an intelligent algorithm to:  

  1. match couples with wedding vendors based on a carefully curated questionnaire;
  2. facilitates communication through an in-built chat;
  3. enables couples to easily request and compare quotes; and
  4. make bookings and pay online.


Our dedicated team embarked on a journey of comprehensive market research, driven by a consumer survey targeting engaged couples. By deciphering the pain points in wedding planning, we obtained invaluable insights. These insights were further refined through insightful customer interviews, eventually shaping the blueprint of our platform.

The synthesis of this research led to a pivotal realization: couples desire both a comprehensive visual overview, particularly for venues and vendors, as well as a swift means of communication. To address these needs, we devised a strategic approach – creating a dynamic website to encapsulate the grandeur of wedding visions and a performance-driven mobile app to facilitate quick and real-time interactions.


Our meticulous market research and relentless development efforts bore fruit in the form of BrideBliss. Defying expectations, the platform was unveiled ahead of schedule, capturing the attention of its first users at their inaugural wedding expo appearance.

100+ users within the first month

The launch witnessed a remarkable surge, with BrideBliss welcoming over 100 eager users within its very first month. This exponential growth trajectory persists, as BrideBliss continues to captivate an ever-expanding user base. The resounding feedback from customers echoes their appreciation for the innovative essence of the BrideBliss web platform and mobile app, solidifying its position as a trailblazer in modern wedding planning.